Six Stones for Comic Creators: Tips for Writers/Artists

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Stone 1: Soul Stone- Put your all into your piece.

  • One thing that differentiates you from everyone else is your passion. In order to give you’re all you need to dig down deep and figure out why you do what you do. Discover how you can showcase your message and skills in a unique way to make your work stand out. Having a passion is a great thing, don’t be afraid to unleash it.

Stone 2: Reality Stone- Don’t limit yourself to your own reality. Don’t be afraid to branch out and understand other perspectives.   

  • One of the biggest things you need to do as an artist or writer is adjust to receiving constructive criticism. This can be achieved by experimenting with your work and taking feedback into consideration to help yourself grow and learn new things. Don’t be discouraged by any negative feedback you receive, as it will only help you to strengthen your skills for the future. Get creative and have fun with your work!

Stone 3: Space Stone- Don’t over exert yourself if you are in a creative block. Take a step back, give yourself space, and recover.

  • Creative block happens to the best of us. The worse thing you can do is wear yourself out spending endless time trying to get past the mental block. Close the screen, put your pencil down, and focus on yourself for a while. Give yourself time and space to gather your thoughts. Some of the best ideas often come when you are not even trying, so cut yourself some slack!

Stone 4: Time Stone- Control your time wisely.

  • Maintaining a schedule and organizing your plans are a significant part of having a productive week. In order to produce work, you need to make sure you put in the effort, which requires giving your time. Remember, time is compounding: the more you do things, the better you are at them and the faster you can get things done.  The first priority you should set is to dedicating the time to yourself and your work, it will go a long way.

Stone 5: Mind Stone- Focus.

  • One of traits behind every successful creator is an intense mental focus. It is easy to pick something up for a day, it’s a little harder to do something consistently for a month, and its increasingly difficult to do it for years, but being able you stick to your work and to focus on what you want will make it all worth while in the end. Make your goal, stick to it and don’t lose focus!

Stone 6: Power Stone- Believe in yourself.

  • Have confidence in the message you are trying to get across. Be proud of the work you are creating. The fact that you have a passion strong enough to want to share your creativity to the world says a lot about you, don’t be afraid to embrace that. It Is rare to be able to take your passion and be able to bring it to life. A strong message can touch someone and cause an explosion of emotion within them. Your work can have that impact on the world, so don’t hold yourself back!

BONUS: The Infinity Gauntlet- Put all these stones together and be the one to control your own yourself. Be unstoppable, be a great creator, and show the world what you can do.


Jun 08 , 2019