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Apr 06, 2019


Comic Name : War of The Realms #1

Release Date: 3/4/19


As most of you know this is the event that has been building for years, well since @Jason Aaron started writing Thor back in 2012 and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

War of the Realms #1 is the Marvel Universe battle to end all battles. If you thought Infinity War was epic wait until you read this comic. Seriously this has to be my favourite comic of the year. I know it’s only April but it’s true. 

So we know that Malekith the Dark Elf wants to rule all ten realms (having conquered 9 already) and the only one left is Midgard. With the fate of the world in the balance it’s down to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stand up to the might of Malekith and his warriors of the realms!

Now If you have followed Thor you will know that throughout the years there have been references to this war and it’s been building for a long time. This is one of them massive events in a comic that should definitely not be missed and even if you are just joining the journey here it’s easy to understand what’s been happening. 

Like a kid at Christmas I absolutely loved seeing all the heroes come together, and I have to say it was done extremely well. Its kind of only really started happening in the movies but it’s old news for us comic geeks. There are a ton of fan favourites that appear throughout the issue and all of them fit perfectly. Now when I say a lot of characters appear, I mean A LOT!!! I’m not just talking about Ironman, Captain America, Thor or Spiderman, I’m talking Frost Giants, War Angels, Trolls and Dark Elves just to name a few and @Russell Dauterman has done an exceptional job or bringing this all together. As Jason Aaron is currently writing the Avengers book the continuity is seamless (although even I was surprised Blade is now an Avenger?!).


I’m not going to give anything away but War of the Realms #1 was everything I could imagine and more. It’s exactly what you would want from a big event comic with all the favourite heroes coming together and fighting a huge battle. Quite a few comics promise “big things” but for me this delivered the big blockbuster event I hoped for. Aaron, Dauterman and Wilson combine excellently and it’s clear to see they enjoyed making this comic as much as we would enjoy reading it. I have been well and truly sucked in having bought 8 of the 21 covers so far but I have to say this comic is definitely worth your time and money.

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Apr 03, 2019


Comic Name: Dial H for Hero #1

Release Date: 27/04/19


HAPPY TUESDAY!!! As some of you hardcore comic geeks out there will know, Dial H for Hero is a comic book first published in 1980 by DC Comics about a magical phone that enables an ordinary person to become a superhero for 1 hour.

For this remake the issue starts with a young boy called Miguel reading out a letter he sent to Superman (Miguel had a close encounter with a head injury that led to the Man of Steel flying him to the hospital). As he has now grown up he spends most of his free time trying to feel that buzz of flying with a superhero by engaging in more and more dangerous daredevil stunts. When he foolishly agrees to ride his bike down a rickety ramp with the cool kids, he ends up thrown into the canyon. As he falls to certain doom, Miguel is visited by a glowing… telephone with a mysterious voice instructing him to “DIAL H!” and save his life, but as soon as he does, we cut to various places across the DC Universe as Robin, Lobo, Snapper Carr, Harley Quinn, Angel and the Ape and Alfred Pennyworth all feeling the call of the H-Dial. We then cut back to Miguel who has been transformed into…. MONSTER TRUCK!


Lets be honest, MONSTER TRUCK isn’t the greatest name for a superhero…Yeah its a bit tacky in parts but Dial H for Hero is a comic that pays homage to the “if I was a superhero what would my name and powers be?” In short, its a fun, enjoyable story. This is the first comic I have read to my 6 year old son and he loved it. It’s got the new age look and feel while still giving a nod towards the original Silver Age comic. The artwork for Dial H For Hero #1 is bold, colourful, well-drawn and well-written in some parts. Its revived the original comic in a cool way that definitely deserves a recommendation to fans of the 1980’s and to those looking for a fun, easy read!




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Mar 30, 2019


Comic Name: Nightwing #58

Release Date: 20/03/19

So a quick recap. On the cover of #57 it looks like the Jokers daughter, Duela Dent is back and ready to cause havoc....and she definitely did. With having kidnapped the major, strapped a bomb to his chest and sent him into the Oasis club the story is setting up for something big...

We start this issue with Dick/ Ric finishing his discussion with the PDNY about still being a Nightwing when they need his help. That help is soon needed when it is revealed that a situation has occurred at The Oasis club that’s going to take all his know how to sort out. 

When the Nightwings arrive and evaluate the situation they see that the Major hasn’t gone mad and doesn’t want to kill anyone at all, he is just a pawn in the bigger end game. We see that the Jokers daughter is sitting back and watching the action unfold on screens in a secret lair becoming more and more agitated. With all the team working together to get all the hostages out and the bomb defused it’s at this point Duela Dent enters the frame and what an entrance it is!!! 


This issue continues to build the personality and new life of Ric who is struggling to understand who he wants to be. Having him fighting against Duela as Nightwing was great and it’s exactly what this issue needed as you start to see glimpses of old...Could Dick Grayson return???? The dialogue between him and Duela during the fight clearly shows that she might be facing an identity crisis even more traumatic than Ric Grayson’s. Let’s hope we see more about the life of a homicidal zealot of the crazy Clown Prince of Crime in the next issues!

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Mar 27, 2019


Comic Name: Spiderman - City at War #1

Release Date: 20/3/19

Let me just start by saying THIS IS AN AWESOME COMIC!!! If you guys haven’t realised yet, I’m a MASSIVE Spiderman fan!!! I was at the front of the queue when the long awaited game came out last year and I’m still playing it now. Even though I’ve completed it over and over again there is still so much do, side missions, DL content and generally just swinging around NYC for hours in end.

It’s set in a new universe (gameverse) for Spiderman and starts with him finally putting his nemesis Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin of Crime behind bars, for how long though is another question. We all know the back story of Peter Parker so in my opinion this was the perfect way to start the comic. The fight was awesome in the game and it’s just as good in the comic. 

Working unofficially with Captain Wanatabe from the NYPD we see him helping them by solving crimes, being the neighbourhood Spiderman we all love but we also see how he is coping with being a teenager with real life issues like work, paying bills and erm yeah being Spiderman lol.

I loved the parts in the issue where we see Peter working at Dr. Octavius’ lab as it paves the way for understanding what Otto was working on before he became the villain Doc Ock. The parts with MJ nosing around Fisk’s auction house and getting in trouble with some new characters The Demons is great and adds more excitement to an already impressive first issue. 


With original stories to that weren’t included in the game and the inclusions of fan favourites such as MJ, Aunt May, Miles Morales and also new characters like The Demons and Mister Negative this comics spins a new and unexpected web of drama, spectacle, and classic Spidey action in the Mighty Marvel Manner. If you haven’t been lucky to play the game yet then this is for you as it’s basically the game in fantastic comic form. With great writing from @dennishallum and amazing artwork by @claytoncrain, @michelebandini and @davidcuriel the popular game has been made into a comic book for all Spiderman lovers

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Mar 23, 2019


Comic Name: Batman Damned #1

Release Date: 19/09/18

WOW WOW WOW!!! This comics absolutely BLEW me away from start to finish! Batman Damned is the first book to be featured in DC Comics new Black Label series of comics which serve as a more adult, I’m personally a big fan of the idea.

The first thing that drew me into this series was the beyond amazing and super gorgeous artwork featured throughout this comic, the attention to detail is so incredible and the darkness of Gotham looks amazingly gritty, rough and horrid and fits the tone perfectly for the story. I found myself looking at each page for ages before I even got to reading and I have to say it’s the best comic I’ve read all year, which means a lot considering the comics that have been released and I’ve read! I found it truly amazing having a comic that’s told to you from a narrator’s perspective, in this instance it is none other than John Constantine and I have to say he is is the perfect! The story itself is full of plenty of questions and mystery that will leave you with a sense of wanting to learn more about what’s going on and to learn who killed the Joker. You heard me right… The Joker is dead and Batman was on the same bridge the night that it happened, but he can’t remember anything. Whether it was Batman who finally snapped his scrawny neck or someone else in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, as I feel like this is definitely a mystery best solved by reading through this well crafted masterpiece yourself.



Overall I can’t say enough about how much I loved this comic. There are so many pages throughout that are so in-depth with detail that I would love nothing more than making them into canvases for my wall!  Its by far the best comics I’ve read all year without a doubt. The bar has been set very high for DC’s Black Label and in my opinion it is a truly remarkable comic that will be talked about in conversations as one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. This is a comic that is needed in any collection.

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