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Apr 30, 2019


Comic Name: Naomi #1

Written by Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker 

Artist & Cover by Jamal Campbell

Published by DC Conics

Release Date: 23/01/19

So having avoided initial the “HYPE” surrounding this comic I finally gave in and read it. on #NCBD last week I was lucky enough to be able to get the second printing of the first 3 issues so thought why not give it a go and I have to say I’m very much glad I did!


After a fight between Superman and Mongul breaks out in a small Northwestern town, a young girl called Naomi begins a mission to uncover the last time a super hero visited her home but she also starts to investigate other times anything like this has happened before. Everyone she speaks to seems to avoid the topic causing Naomi to start questioning how that might tie into her own origins and adoption.


Whilst I was sceptical at first to believe the hype surrounding this comic, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Its the first comic i’ve read in a while that actually had me questioning what could happen next, and even more so wanting to find out what Naomi is going to unfold. This issue started off with a bang and really set the tone for what writers @brianmbendis, David Walker and breakout artist @pryce14 (Jamal Campbell) have planned for WonderComics’ massively ambitious new series and star...NAOMI. 

A favourite part, and I have to say it seem like it was taken straight out of the Heroes in Crisis run is the way that Jamal Campbell uses the character dialog boxes to showcase the different views from the “background” cast as well as the main characters from when Superman and Mongrel fought but we also get to see exactly what Naomi is dealing with when she asks questions about previous superhero encounters in her town. Although this issue does go slightly flat in the middle overall its a solid introduction to @DC’s new teen heroine. The next issue of Naomi issue #2 was released on February 20th so stay tuned for the review.


Writing/ Story: 3

Artwork: 4

Enjoyment: 5

Overall Comic: 4

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Avengers: Endgame Review by THE NALLS aka Donzell

Apr 26, 2019

Hey, everyone. Avengers: Endgame is a superhero film directed by the Russo Brothers and starring an ensemble cast. The film is the direct sequel to Infinity War and serves as the conclusion to the “Infinity Saga” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Thanos defeated the Avengers, the survivors make a stand for one last battle against the Mad Titan. I had a great time with this film.

Avengers: Endgame feels like the total sum of the MCU delivered in one movie. The humor is present but not overwhelming. The action is entertaining and displays the abilities of each character. The characters are given time to display how they’re coping with the defeat of Infinity War. This led to a slow first act, but a necessary evil. We needed to see how our heroes deal with loss and their own faults. Once the second act gets going, the film shifts into high gear. The final act is amazing. Everything you could have wanted to see was on display.

This movie’s ultimate strength, is that it knows what its fans want and delivers. Some of the moments in the third act had me audibly excited. The fan service is heavy but makes sense in the plot. The emotion, from the very first scene, is well delivered. When the characters need to be serious, they are and it’s effective.

If there is any weakness to the film, its just that the first act is slow. Its necessary, but still slow. The movie takes its time to reestablish these characters and it will deviate heavily from the path we’ve treaded before. Thankfully this is early in the film and the following acts reward the audience for waiting. The third act can be a little chaotic because of all that’s happening, but I doubt many would consider this problematic.

Overall, thank you Marvel. 11 years of quality films and they led to this fantastic payoff. Emotionally I was elated, saddened, and satisfied by all I saw on display. The long first act served to set the stage for our heroes and the stakes. The second act is filled with fan service, most of which is welcome. The final act is truly a comic book epic come to life. I highly recommend this film for all audiences.

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Apr 19, 2019


Comic Name: War of The Realms #2

Release Date: 17/4/19

War of the Realms’ second issue is already here and the war is in full swing obliterating Manhattan in mere minutes. After the first issue I was waiting with baited breath for this one and I have to say it did not disappoint! There are plenty of new villains to grab your attention, interesting twists, and some serious developments in the story to keep your interest and make you want to invest in the tie-in series (there’s quite a few so keep your eyes peeled as these are coming out thick and fast).

Now I’ll be honest, even though there aren’t quite as many great superhero one liners as the first issue - Tony Stark for one, but most of the heroes that focus seems to be on are reprieved by Spiderman. Where as the first issue was about the introduction of every single superhero involved in this epic battle, this issue is more about how they are going to survive and where they go from here; Ultimately regrouping to save Earth itself.

I said In the review of #1 that I loved the surprises that came along with it and this issues was no different. For me the biggest surprise is how Jane Foster had such a big part to play. I don’t want to spoilt this rollercoaster ride for anyone but it appears her role isn’t over. With some fan favourite  Asgardian characters also making an entrance it pushes this issue into the realm of a Thor focused comic


First things first the narrative and artwork are amazing and as impactful and eye catching as  #1. What I absolutely love about this series is how much of the Marvel universe is involved and and all the special tie ins along the way. 

For me this is a great comic run that will be a great addition to anyone’s comic collection. It’s only a six part event that will come to its epic ending in June so it’s best read it now or be lost forever lol






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Apr 13, 2019


Comic Name: Harley Quinn #60

Release Date: 3/4/19

Firstly let’s talk about the variant cover by @frankchoartist, his line work is outstanding, it’s simple, elegant and with the use of tiny pops of colour it really catches your eye and brings it to life. Just like issue #54 it’s another stand out cover. Well done sir!!!

In this issue Harley finds herself trapped in S.T.A.R. Labs after breaking in to find cancer fighting treatment for her mother. With no way out, alone & scared (yeah I know right, who’d have through that Harley Quinn would be scared...), the former Clown Princess of Crime must fight her way through a horde of invading interdimensional aliens, Batman and Joker to escape but is she locked in there with them or is it all in her head??


Honestly if you are after a solid, not a lot of fun, no excitement action you could do a whole lot worse than Harley Quinn #60. I’m a massive Harley fan and this issue was pretty cool, it wasn’t the best but it was filled with Harley in action scenes, monsters, aliens, laser guns, hallucinations and cameo appearances so what more could you ask for? I have to say it’s my least favourite if the arc so far. It’s an easy read, in some parts slightly confusing, nothing special but an entertaining issue. If you have been reading the previous issues that’s going to help as you will understand the whole Trials of Harley Quinn arc but on the whole there’s enough in this issue for those who came in late to enjoy. Through the engaging artwork by artist @samibasriartist and colorist @sinccolor, Harley is given new life and energy which is clear to see. I’m not going to give away any spoilers but a certain character turns up at the end and it looks like trouble is on the horizon for the next issue...

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Apr 12, 2019


As you know, at Geeky Guy Comics not only do I review comics from favourites such as DC and Marvel but I also like to give others the limelight. So last week when I had the absolute pleasure of being able to read and review a stand alone comic from the creative mind of Josef Tzegai Yohannes I leapt at the chance. The Urban Legend tells the story of high school teacher Malcolm T. Madiba, who, wanting to rid his city of crime and evil decides to take matters into his own hands and become the knight in shining armour, the light at the end of the tunnel, the hero of the people that they long for, he becomes THE URBAN LEGEND!!!

Now upon first flicking through the pages as I always do before I read a comic I instantly saw similarities between cult classics such as Kill Bill and The Karate Kid and I knew I was going to enjoy this comic. It’s starts with 2 kids playing around, dressed up as what they think The Urban Legend looks like, wishing they could meet their hero or see him in action. It’s realistic and true as many children do the same thing so to see it in comic form was a great way to start what looks to be a comic for all ages.

The great part about this issue is that it’s told through the eyes or mouth should I say of the local radio station DJ Nightcrasher. As it’s done in this way you find yourself wondering if he actually does exist or is he in fact just an urban legend? As the story processes we find out about the back story of Malcolm, how he became UL and how he continues to be the hero that his city needs while juggling a normal life and hiding his secret.


Overall this was an engaging and fun comic to read, the artwork by Steven Baker is gritty and a bit dark in some parts but that kind of only adds to the mystery of the story. As I read this I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between The Urban Legend and the Netflix series Black Lightning; Both are black school teachers, both protect their city under a disguise and both want justice to prevail. Considering this comic first came out in 2013 I guess you could say that Netflix copied The Urban Legend...

This series has potential to be a big thing and I am looking forward to seeing how this story continues!

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